About Toilet Map

This new Toilet Map provides information of publicly available Changing Places toilets across the United Kingdom. As each new Changing Places toilet is commissioned it will be automatically uploaded and added to the map for you to search. Information is contained on each toilet relating to its location, owner/operator, accessibility options, provisions and opening hours. Most of the sites contain a series of photographs to allow you to view the special provision contained at that facility. Additionally individuals or organisations who need to plan a trip can use the in-built route planner to locate and store toilets on a given route.

Key points

  • The Changing Places Toilet Map is a free to use application which allows all users to find these special facilities/toilets in their area.

  • The multi-level SEARCH should allow you to quickly FIND and locate a Changing Places facility close by.

  • Users can search in a specific region to see all the toilets and their opening times which suit their needs.

  • Toilet Map also permits every user to PLAN a route and view all the toilets which will be available on their upcoming journey.

  • Registering your details, enables you to SAVE your own favourite Toilets and favourite Routes - for easy recall and viewing at any later date.

  • The site also allows you to leave FEEDBACK on each toilet. On how good or bad the facilities were, or if you found any problems during use.


There are 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK. Mencap works to support people with a learning disability and their families and carers by fighting to change laws and improve services and access to education, employment and leisure facilities. Mencap supports thousands of people with a learning disability to live their lives the way they want. They are also one of the largest service providers of services, information and advice for people with a learning disability across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. People with a learning disability and their carers can find out more about Mencap’s services by calling Mencap Direct on 0300 333 111 or by visiting www.mencap.org.uk. For information and advice on Changing Places email: ChangingPlaces@mencap.org.uk


A registered charity that supports people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their families across Scotland. PAMIS is the only UK organisation that works solely with people with Profound and multiple learning disabilities. They provide a range of services and projects including an information and library service and campaigns for equity in services for people with profound and complex disabilities. To find out more about PAMIS services visit their website www.pamis.org.uk or contact them on 01382 385 154. PAMIS is a founder member of the Changing Places Consortium and campaigns for the provision of Changing Places facilities across Scotland and elsewhere. For information and advice on Changing Places in Scotland email: pamischangingplaces@dundee.ac.uk

British Toilet Association

The BTA was established in 1999 as a Not-for-Profit Members Organisation working to promote the highest possible standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the United Kingdom. The BTA continues to be the voice of the industry and offers expert advice along with survey and consultancy services. Our services are independent and impartial and can be tailored to respond to issues effecting the overall bathroom and washroom industry. Our involvement and commitment to the Changing Places toilet map is long-term and the company will strive to advance the usability and function of this project in line with our own development programme.